Our Partners

Our Partners

South Carolina Power Team was created to provide quality service to the people and businesses of South Carolina. The partners that make up South Carolina Power Team are Santee Cooper, Central Electric Power Cooperative and the 20 electric cooperatives.

All partners are connected by long-term power supply contracts and joint coordination agreements. The combination is a highly reliable, power delivery system for the State of South Carolina, at a low-cost.

Santee Cooper


State-owned, Electric Generation and Water Utility

Central Electric Power Cooperative, Inc.


Generation & Transmission Company

Electric Cooperatives (20)


Non-profit and Customer-owned

SC Power Team


Economic Development Corporation

Our power system reaches across the entire state, serving 2/3 of the residents and many of South Carolina’s largest industrial companies.

Power Generation


Santee Cooper

Santee Cooper is South Carolina’s largest power producer, the largest Green Power generator and the ultimate source of electricity for 2 million people across the state. Through reliable, low-cost, and environmentally responsible electricity and water services — Santee Cooper powers South Carolina — with innovative partnerships to attract and retain industry and jobs.

Transmission of Power


Central Electric Power Cooperative

Central Electric Power Cooperative provides wholesale electric service to South Carolina’s electric cooperative system. Headquartered in Columbia, SC, Central Electric provides total wholesale electric service to all of South Carolina’s 20 retail electric cooperatives serving over 700,000 accounts, as their member cooperatives constitute the only truly statewide electric system in South Carolina.

Central Electric’s members serve customers in all 46 counties through a network totaling more than 70,000 miles of distribution line.


Power Distribution


20 Electric Cooperatives of South Carolina

As a group, the electric cooperatives serve more consumers in South Carolina than any other utility, as their distribution system covers 70 percent of the state’s land area with more than 72,000 miles of power line serving more than 739,000 accounts. In addition, the 20 cooperatives have invested millions of dollars in community infrastructure construction and improvement projects in South Carolina.

The 20 electric cooperatives in South Carolina deliver dependable electric power to more 1.5 million citizens in South Carolina.